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Full color, step by step
Full color drawing in burnished Prismacolor.
Pencils used: 
Prismacolor  ( With Prismacolor, you can create pictures that rivals the look  of an oil painting.)

Burnishing  ( Burnishing takes a lot more time than the layering technique, but at any rate, the time invested is worth it when you see the outcome.)

Acid-free cream-colored paper  (I selected this color paper, because it will add life to the completed drawing and harmonize with the used colors).

I draw a light outline of the face
and all of the features with graphite.
I started the coloring with the eyes. 
I used white, Limepeel, Dark Brown,
Dark Umber, black and cream.
For a shinier look I burnished
the iris with cream. Around the eyes
I used henna, peach, Light Peach,
Sienna Brown. For the shadow areas
was used Terra Cotta and Dark Brown
up into the eyebrown area. The eyebrowns
 were colored with Dark Brown
and Dark Umber.
I then moved down to the nose with
Dark Umber & Sienna Brown and applied
the shadow shapes there. When I felt that
the nose was accurate, I burnished it with
the Light Peach.
The next is the mouth. I began with a thin
Dark Brown shadow line between the lips.
For the upper lip I applied Sienna Brown,
henna and Dark Brown and for the lower
one peach, Light Peach, white, henna
and Dark Umber.
To complete the face I used Sienna Brown,
Terra Cotta, henna. For the light parts
(highlights) I used white and Light Peach.
The shadow areas and the wrinkles were
finished with Dark Brown and Dark Umber.
Up to the hair. To draw the hair I applied
Dark Brown, Dark Umber, Terra Cotta,
Light Umber and white. I was sure to follow
the direction of the hair itself.
Well, the head is finished.
I only needed to draw the shirt.
For it I used white, Dark Umber and Henna.
To lighting I added more white and
to shadow more Dark Umber.
 I also finished his T-shirt with these colors.
To give a more completed look for my drawing,
I used some color behind it. I applied Goldenrod,
bronze and a little Limepeel in the shading also,
to help pick up the colors of the eyes.
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